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Frequently Asked Questions:
Where do We Meet?
We Meet at 6370 Coors Blvd NW. We typically fly from a small field near there.

Where do you fly to?
Our direction of flight is determined by the wind. It is quite common to fly over the Rio Grande River and get down low just above the surface of the water. Sometimes we fly north to Rio Rancho or southwest to the west side of Albuquerque. On some occasions the winds make take us past downtown to the south side of Albuquerque. Every Flight is Different and it is rare that we land in the same place twice.

How long is the flight?.
Flights typically last 1 hour and sometimes a little longer. Actual flight times are determined by the Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and available landing sites.

How High do you go?
Typically we fly any where from several hundred feet to several thousand feet or more. The wind speed and direction at different altitudes determines how high we fly. We use the different currents to navigate to the safest landing sites.

What should I wear?
Dress Appropriate For the forecast low temperatures. Jackets and Sweaters etc are a great idea. Better to overdress than be cold the entire flight. Open toed shoes and sandals are discouraged. It is not uncommon to land in a field with stickers or small cactus. Definitely do not wear High Heels.

Can I bring a camera?
You can Definitely Bring a camera of any sort (still, video, Cell phone, or whatever you Have) We do take pictures from the ground and give those to you after the flight but we leave the picture taking from the balloon up to you.

Does it get a lot colder as we get higher?
The first 1,000 feet in altitude you don't normally see a change in temperature. And Since we are drifting with the wind you don't feel the wind chill effect. It often feels warmer in the balloon than on the ground.

Do You Need A Pilots License To Fly A Hot Air Balloon?
YES. The Process for getting a Balloon license is the same as getting an Airplane Or Helicopter license. The difference is the type of aircraft you learn and are allowed to fly, and the specific knowledge related to that Aircraft. The General Knowledge (Airspace, Weather, Etc.) is the same. Pilots flying passengers for hire, are required to have a Commercial Pilots License. This requires More Flight time, more knowledge, more testing, and being able to fly to a higher set of standards. Commercial Balloon pilots are also allowed to give Balloon flight instruction.

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"We had a wonderful experience with Sweet Escape! I had wanted to go on a balloon ride for over thirty years and this was everything I expected! If you want a good balloon ride with friendly knowledgeable people, this is the place!! Woo hoo!" -D. Rice
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